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The seed was planted many years ago. Back then the market was dominated by Destaco clamps. Many industrial companies were asking for alternatives to Destaco, looking for a focus on quality and of course quick delivery at a good price. A few distributors began looking for alternatives to supply these companies.

At the same time Brauer UK was looking to expand into the American market. Already a world supplier of toggle clamps with distribution around the world, America was the only market they hadn't quite penetrated. They sold their products here but without a large inventory, a dedicated sales staff and an actual physical location, it was a bit of a struggle. The key to their sales was the fact that the customers liked the quality of the clamps. They appreciated key design elements of the Brauer Clamps, like the hardened steel pins instead of tubular pins which extended the life of the clamp dramatically, the shielded pinch points, which cut down on the number of operator injuries, the ergonomic handles which increased the operators comfort, and the price was cheaper!!!

Thus demand was created.

In October of 2004 Brauer Clamps USA was born.

The key to the venture was to have the products stocked locally in the USA, start working the trade shows to get the word out, and helping the existing distributors that have helped get the word out on Brauer.

It has been a great success.

Recently General Motors saw the upside of using Brauer Clamps and invited them to do a presentation to show their designers the merits of using our Brauer Clamps. On March 2, 2007 Brauer was awarded General Motors first Global source for fixture components.

Brauer Clamps USA is dedicated to continue the success in North America that Brauer has demonstrated around the world.

To see the full range of Brauer Clamps USA products, please spend a few minutes on our website.

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