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Brauer offers two series of blow guns, both hand held and operated by trigger. Our aluminium, trigger action blow guns have found favour with a number of major industrial companies, and have been particularly successful in difficult drying operations. The gun is light in weight and easy to use.
Our light weight reversible blow guns are manufactured from nylon, and are each a blow gun, vacuum gun and transfer gun in one compact unit. It is ideal for sucking up spills, waste, metal or plastic chips and is chemical and corrosion resistant. A wide range of accessories is available for this gun including dust collection bags, extension tubes, brushes, conveying hose and a crevice tool.
Our lightweight range is further enhanced with a deep hole air gun, ideal for cleaning holes up to 450mm deep.
The deep hole air gun acts both as an air gun and a vacuum gun. A small black tube running from the main body of the unit blasts air to agitate particles while the main gun nozzle sucks them safely away. The benefit of this exceptional system is that it keeps swarf from blowing over into other holes and allows all swarf and debris to be cleared completely from deep drilled or tapped holes. A clear plastic tube gives the user visibility to see when the hole is clear of debris and it also provides protection against any flying particles.

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