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Features: Cam clamps are similar to vertical clamps but the clamping force is generated not by a toggle linkage, but by the action of a roller on a cam.
The cam action allows components of differing thickness to be clamped without readjustment of the clamping spindle.
Model CV75 can clamp parts with thickness varying by up to 1.5mm, and models CV250 and CV350 thickness varying by up to 2mm.
A comfortable, cushioned PVC handle grip is fitted to all three models of cam clamp.
Specification: The main components are of zinc plated and passivated steel, the cam and its roller being case hardened to resist wear.
Rivets are of stainless steel, which burnishes and work-hardens with use, the rivets of models CV250 and CV350 rotating in hardened bushes. The setscrews are of steel with a chemiblack finish.

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