RRange: Wheel & Axle:
Group: Rubber
Style: Rubber Tyre - (R)

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Product GroupTread Ø mm(A)Tread Width mm(B)Max Bore mm(C)Flange Ø mm(D)Hub Ø mm(E)Hub Width mm(F)Overall Width mm(G)Load KgWeight Kg

Rubber tyred wheels are the least expensive type of tyred wheel and are suitable for moderate loads. They are quiet in operation and protect the surface on which they run, although they can cause marking. Rubber tyres can generate static electricity, and where this is undesirable, ´anti-static´ tyres can be specified.
MATERIAL: Wheel centre - cast iron to BS1452: 1977: Grade 200.
Tyre - carbon black reinforced natural rubber compound of 85º ± 5ºA Shore hardness.
0ºC to 50ºC.
The ´maximum load rating´ given for each wheel is for operation under ideal conditions. Load factors must be applied according to the anticipated working conditions - see ´Design Data´ para. 3.1.
Alternative bore/bearing diameters and alternative bearing types (i.e. bronze bushes, self-lubricating bushes, roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, etc.) are available to order - see ´Design Data´ para. 6.0.

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