CSFRange: Wheel & Axle:
Group: Cast Iron
Style: Single Flange - (CSF)

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Product GroupTread Ø mm(A)Tread Width mm(B)Max Bore mm(C)Flange Ø mm(D)Hub Ø mm(E)Hub Width mm(F)Overall Width mm(G)Load KgWeight Kg
Cast Iron

Cast iron rail wheels are the most economic for light to medium duty, but they have a limited service life when compared to steel wheels, and are unsuitable for high rotational speeds or where substantial shock loads are to be withstood.
MATERIAL: Cast iron to BS1452: 1977: Grade 200
The ´maximum load rating´ given for each wheel is based on the full tread width being in contact with the rail. Working loads must be calculated based on the useable rail width and operating conditions - see ´Design Data´ paras. 5.1 and 5.3.
Plain bored or keywayed wheels -30ºC to 250ºC
Ball or taper roller bearinged wheels -30ºC to 120ºC
Standard wheel features a 3´ tread angle to assist centering of pairs of wheels on common axles when used with convex crown rails. When single flanged wheels are to be used singly or on flat topped rails, ´flat treads´, (which have the tread parallel to the wheel axis and flanges at a 5º angle) should be specified by adding suffix ´FT´ to the part number. (Tread diameter may be required)
Alternative bore/bearing diameters and alternative bearing types (i.e. bronze bushes, self-lubricating bushes, roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, etc.) are available to order - see ´Design Data´ para. 6.0.

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