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1.0 Specification For Standard Wheels & Castors
2.0 Untyred Wheels
3.0 Rubber Tyred Wheels
3.1 Load Rating
3.2 Resistance to Chemicals
4.0 Polyurethane Tyred Wheels
4.1 Load Rating
4.2 Resistance to Chemicals
5.0 Rail Wheels
5.1 Approximation of allowable load (Catelogue items)
5.2 Calculation of allowable load - steel and S.G. iron rail wheels
5.3 Calculation of allowable load - cast iron rail wheels
5.4 Surface hardening
5.5 Flange strength
6.0 Bearing and Seal Arrangements - Non Standard
6.1 Selection of bearings
6.2 Bearing seals
7.0 Inertial and Rolling Resistance
7.1 Rolling friction
7.2 Bearing friction
7.3 Inertia resistance
8.0 Traction - Coefficients of Friction
9.0 Load Calculations for Wheels Supporting and/or Driving Drums
10.0 Keyway Dimensions
11.0 Reference Tables and Conversion Factors
11.1 Steel hardness / tensile strength
11.2 Tensile strenght of heat treated steels
11.3 Useful conversion factors
12.0 Castors
12.1 Castor arrangement
12.2 Load rating
12.3 Manual propulsion
12.4 Power towing
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