SFHRange: Wheel & Axle:
Group: Polyurethane
Style: Steel Flange Polyurethane: Vulkollan® (Heavithane®) Tread - (SFH)

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Product GroupTread Ø mm(A)Tread Width mm(B)Max Bore mm(C)Flange Ø mm(D)Hub Ø mm(E)Hub Width mm(F)Overall Width mm(G)Load KgWeight Kg

Standard wheel features flanges with a 5º angle and a ´flat tread´ (ie tread parallel to the wheel axis) for running on flat top rail. Polyurethane is resilient, durable material, resistant to abrasion and to many common chemicals. Polyurethane tyred wheels are capable of carrying heavy loads and of transmitting driving forces.
MATERIAL: Wheel Centre - Steel to BS970: Part 1: 1983: 080M40
Tyre - Polyester Based Polymer of 92º ± 3º Shore A Hardness
OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20ºC to +60ºC (115ºC for limited use)
Anti-hydrolysis polyurethane is recommended for use in an operating environment of high humidity.
Polyurethane to the above hardness used on these wheels is Vulkollan, a high quality material that provides superior performance in most applications.
Should the mechanical properties of Vulkollan be inappropriate for the application, alternative grades of Polyurethane can be produced to meet the requirements. Polyurethane can be bonded onto most metal centres including aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and various ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
The ´Maximum Load Rating´ given for each wheel assumes the full tread width is in contact with the rail. In practice full contact with the rail across the tread width is rarely achieved due to:-
a) Flange to rail clearance
b) Wheel Overhang
c) Rail Corner Radii
For calculation of the ´Maximum Allowable Load´ see ´Design Data´ para. 5.1.
In addition the ´Maximum Load Rating´ given for each wheel is for operation under ideal conditions. Load factors must be applied according to the anticipated working conditions - see ´Design Data´ para. 4.1.
Alternative Bore/Bearing diameters and alternative bearing types (i.e) bronze brushes, self lubricating brushes, etc.) are available to order - see ´Design Data´ para. 6.0.

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