Single Pneumatic Tyred Castor (2100kg)HMC Wheels & Castors.
Single Pneumatic Tyred Castor (2100kg)

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Part NoMountWheel Ø (A)Overall Height (B)Tread Width (C)Swivel Radius (D)Max Load RatingWheel Bearing TypeCastor Weight

High speed applications (up to 10Kph).
Multi-terrain operation capability.
Option for bespoke applications.
Incorporates reliability of WG swivel mechanism.
Brauer build quality assured.
Often adapted for towing applications.
This new product further enhances the range of castors offered by HMC Brauer designed to meet applications which have high load and speed requirements, such as freight handling and cargo dollies. The swivel and horn plates utilise our tried and tested WG castor range to give a reliable product with durability and strength.

Single Pneumatic Tyred Castor (2100kg)

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